Silver League

The Top Flight Silver League was created in 2013 for everyday guys to enjoy the game of basketball in a competitive yet fun environment. The Silver League is not a professional or semi professional league, it is a recreational league, meaning our primary objective is for players to have good time with other players of similar abilities and athletics The Top Silver League was created as an outlet for the casual player, weekend warrior, the family man, to compete against players of similar abilities without having to play against professional athletes and college players. Professional basketball players "Pro Players" are not allowed to participate in the Top Flight Silver League.

A Pro Player as defined by the league is anyone who has played in the ABL, TBL, Thailand Division I (Kor Cup ) National Team, Kings Cup, or any other FIBA Sanctioned League in the past 10 years (October 2005). Any player who has signed a contract and/or played even one minute in any of these leagues will not be allowed to play in The Silver League this year. This season we will also be instituting a minimum age requirement of 21 years of age for all players.

There are two main types of registration for the Top Flight Gold League; Team registration (15 player’s maximum) and Free Agent (Individuals) Registration. Individual registrants are placed on The Top Flight Free Agent Team sponsored by the league and affiliated partners.